WHAT IS GUI-KIA (鬼仔) or Log-Kok?

鬼仔, "Gui-Kia" is in Hokkien ( One of the Dialect of Chinese Language) and "Gui-Zai" is in Mandarin.

Gui-Kia or Gui-Zai is a Baby Spirit that comes in the form of dried fetus, originate from Mao-Shan Sect (茅山派) of Taoism. A similar version of Baby Ghost from Thailand which also come in the form of dried fetus, is called Log-Kok.

Keeping a Gui-Kia means the adoption of premature baby who died inside the mother's womb before he or she is born.

Raising Gui-Kia is considered the highest level of Child Spirits Adoption. It is usually known as "nourishing the corpse", meaning raising the unborn child's body.

Creating a Gui-Kia is a difficult task. Complex procedures are taken in order to create this type of Ghost Child.

To create Gui-Kia, few important points are mandatory. The dead fetus must be taken from the mother who died from accidental death such as car accident. The dead fetus has to be taken out by slicing the belly of the dead pregnant woman and is not taken from the hospital, whereby the dead fetus may have come out from the vagina.

This dead fetus will go through rituals for 49 days to complete the formation of the child spirit. Rituals will continue for another 108 days to turn it into a Powerful Ghost Child called Gui-Kia.

Unable to be born into this world, these baby spirits which die from premature death have extreme grievances. The Spiritual Master have to go through considerable amount of time on the rituals to turn their negative magnetic energy into positive magnetic energy , in order to eliminate their resentments.

Child Spirits of Mao-Shan Sect Taoism, Gui-Kia, have to be fed with the blood of the owner, whereby the owner prick his middle finger and let a drop of blood drip into the mini bottle which kept the fetus or on the saucer place next to the Dried Fetus.

By feeding the owner's blood, the owner will also able to see the existence of the Child Spirit he keeps with his naked eyes.

This Child Spirit of Mao-Shan Sect is created one at a time and is not allowed to be given or sold to any clients or guests. Blood from the owner is fed to it since the 1st day the Gui-Kia of was formed.

Log-Kok , Child Spirit of Thailand, on the other hand doesn't need to be fed with Blood. They can simply be offered with Milk, Fruit Juices, Rices, Vegetables just like the basic food for any small children.

Video of a Chinese Spiritual Master explaining the difference between a Taoist Gui-Kia (鬼仔) and Thai Log-Kok