Khun Pean, the legendary warrior of Siam, during the period of King Somdet Phra Ramathibodi II , recorded in epic Thai poem - Khun Chang Khun Phaen to be the person who created the powerful baby spirit -Kumantong, which then leads to the practice of robbing tombs for the corpses of babies and young children by the people of 0lden days Siam and making them into powerful Baby /Child Ghosts.

The equipment required by Khun Pean included three candles, a tinder box, a protective thread, and some metal yantras (metal talismans inscribed with mystic symbols).

He struck the flint and lit the candles. He stuck pieces of Yellow Cassia(2) wood in the ground to make a frame on which to lay the Gold Child.

He put a yantra-cloth with a Narayana Vishnu design of mighty power on his head, another with a Racha design on his lower body, another with a Narayana Chikok( Vishnu with a cloven chest) design in-between, and one with a Nang Thorani ( The Earth Goddess) design on the ground.

He drove Rak (6) into the ground as pillars of the four directions, attached more yantra-cloths as flags, and circled them with sacred thread.

For the roof he put a cloth with the design of Indra’s necklace(Sangwan ammarin). Everything was prepared according to the manual in every detail.

He made a bundle of Marit(8), Armorwood(9), and Kanphai Vine (10) to light a fire on the ground below. He meditated to focus his mind, and sat grilling the Gold Child.

He heated the whole body so the fat dripped and sizzled, turning it over both front and back.

Just as the dawn brightened and the golden sun rose, it was dry and crisp as he wanted.

Then, as Khun Phan still recited the mantras, up rose Golden Boy and spoke, ready to do his master's bidding.

He named the entity GuMan Thong.

(1) Kumantong also spelled as Kuman thong/ Guman Tong/ Guman Thong.

(2) Chaiyaphruek, cassia fistula, golden showers. The text next says phraya-ya, perhaps the prince of medicines. All the woods used in this ceremony have power because of their Thai names: chaiyaphruek, victory; rak, loyalty; marit, success (samret); kankhro, armor; kanphai, warding off danger – all qualities to be instilled in the spirit.

6) Rak, name used for several common trees in the Anacardiaceae family such as gluta usitata, gluta obovata, and semecarpus cochinensis.

8) Marit, diospyros discolor/philippensis, in the ebony family.

9) kankrao, fagraea fragrans, tembesu, Burma yellowheart. ‘Armorwood’ is our invention.

10) Kanphai, afgetkia mahidolae. A vine with bunches of purple and white flowers, found in
Kanchanaburi. The botanical name was given in honor of Somdet Ya, the king’s mother.

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