"Kumantong With Shaking Cup" Method is the easiest and most clear cut method to get your Pick 3 or Pick 4 or 4 Digits Lottery Prediction.

You only need to spend less than 2 minutes to obtain a set of Pick 3 / Pick 4 Numbers to bet and the accuracy of the numbers you sought from Kumantong is almost confirm that at least 3 out of 4 numbers will hit on almost every draws (At least for my case).

By using this Method, the chances of you hitting 4 out of 4 numbers is improved 100 times more than you depending on pure lady luck.

With this high standard and accuracy in Lottery Prediction, such that the worst case scenario of hitting 3 out of 4 numbers correctly on almost every draws, which is already not an easy fit, You will begin to question yourself why you were not exposed to Asian Occult and Kumantong earlier.

You will also wonder why , in the past, you have wasted so much energy and time reading Lottery Ebooks or using Lottery Software or manually analyze Lottery Numbers , which the numbers derived from the Lottery Software or predicted by yourself through manual analyzing never come close to the high standard of numbers obtain by simply shake a cup facing the Kumantong.

If analyzing numbers is your passion, the Strategies and methods taught in the Lottery Books or using Lottery Software to analayze number still have their place in Lottery Prediction.

You can start by obtaining a set of Pick 3/ Pick 4 Numbers from Kumantong, which is already almost 90% accurate and then you do a study on the numbers given by Kumantong by going through your Lottery Analysis Software or Manually study the numbers. In this way, you may able to improve your chance of hitting 3 out of 3 numbers , 4 out of 4 numbers correct to 98% accuracy.

Here is what you do to seek Pick 3/ Pick 4/ 4 Digits Numbers from Kumantong.

Cut out 10 small pieces of paper and number them 0 to 9 and then roll them up.

Put the small rolled up papers into a cup. Any type of Cup or Glass is fine.

Face your Kumantong. You may do the Universal Kumantong Chant before you seek Lottery Numbers or any requests or prayers. While doing your prayer or seeking for help or request, speak softly to him or communicate with him with your mind. Speak to him with your own language. Kumantong is spiritual entity. They have the magical power to understand any languages. They able to understand you through your thoughts alone.

When the 1st rolled piece of paper fling out , open up and jot down the number. This number is for the far right of your Pick 3 or Pick 4/ 4 Digit. Example, the 1st number come out from the Cup is 8, it will be XX8 for Pick-3 or XXX8 for Pick-4.

After you get your 1st number, roll back the paper and put it back into the cup and do the same few more times ( 2 more times to get your full PICK 3 Prediction and 3 more times to get your full Pick 4 Prediction) to complete your Lottery Set to bet.

From my personal experience, the actual results will usually show at least 3 out of 4 numbers correct for 4 Digits Draw (Pick 4) or you get to hit 4 out of 4 numbers to win a prize but the numbers are not always in the correct order.

You get to hit 4 out of 4 numbers in direct order occasionally and not every time.

With " Kumantong and Shaking Cup" Method , you will experience that you are not depending on Luck for winning Lottery anymore. You will realize whether to hit Pick 3 or Pick 4 depend on the mercy of Kumantong. They know the exact numbers for the next 4D Draw, whether they want you to strike depend entirely on their good-will.

The question you will be asking soon after you experience the accuracy of Numbers sought from Kumantong is " How am I going to let Kumantong give me the exact 4 Digits in the direct order for the next coming Pick 3 or Pick 4 Draw?"

Until now, I still don't have the answer for this. I believe Kumantong have their spiritual orders in the realm of deities which they have to follow , or else they will destroy the proper order of human realm by letting people win Lottery on every draws.

Think about it, if you get to hit Lottery every draws through the help of Kumantong, will you be very afraid? I do. It will freak me out to be able to get 4 out of 4 Numbers totally correct in proper order for every draws. IT IS DAMN SCARY!